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JCM construction is based out of Greenback, TN. The owner, Jesse McAlvin, licensed since 2000, was raised in construction and has been on the jobsite since able to walk. Jesse’s father took him to work and taught him the trades of the job for many years.


Eventually Jesse began work for a painting crew, also family owned, where he learned the finishing process from his uncle. This job allowed him to work alongside Testerman Construction, one of the best contractors in the business. As a painter, Jesse learned much more than painting. He learned the orchestrated process of building homes by a team of subcontractors, which he was a part of.


Jesse moved on and worked in oil/waste containment and this opened a whole different world of construction. Working with large companies like Stowers Machinery for more than a decade doing many types of construction and expanding the base knowledge that makes him who he is today.

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